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            MORSHINE FOODS
            Address :Industrial Park , Nanyang Town, Dafeng in Jiangsu,China
            Tel :+86-523-83189888
            Mobile :+8615896061880
            Contact :Bruce

            Jiangsu Morshine Food Co.,Ltd., founded in 2004,is a large manufacturer specializing in dehydrated vegetable and condiment manufacture.
            The factory is located in famous land of honey and milk—Jiangsu Dafeng, where enjoys beautiful environment, fertile water and soil……

            Copyright:Jiangsu Morshine Food Co., Ltd. 蘇ICP備12053438號-1
            Address:Industrial Park,Nanyang Town,Dafeng in Jiangsu,china Tel:+86-523-83189888
            Fax:+86-523-83803789 Mobile:+8615896061880/13338885520
            Email:bruce@morshine-food.com 百特網絡

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